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45''x25.5'' Microclone Rack Tra

45''x25.5'' Microclone Rack Tra

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45''x25.5'' Microclone Rack Tray

The 45" x 25.5" Cloning Rack Tray by Microclone fits into standard chrome and steel racks chosen by growers for their efficient use of space and light. Many retail stores, plant shops, web postings, and magazine articles reveal how popular these racks are for cloning. The trays line up neatly in rows of as many as four per shelf and many rack systems have five or six shelves and low profile lighting. Fluorescent fixtures, especially T5s, fit naturally in the plant shelves. Clone growers put their propagation trays under the lights like a baker cooling trays of cookies.

The Microclone Cloning Rack Tray fits these rack shelves perfectly. Clone trays can be removed, replaced, moved, watered automatically, manually with a drain, NFT, Ebb & Flow... nearly anything you can imagine! It seemed natural to create a tray that made clone racks easier and more efficient to work with.

The Microclone Cloning Rack Tray is 45" by 25.5" to fit all common rack units and is no taller than standard propagation trays it is designed to hold. The Cloning Rack Tray has a flat bottom and thin raised ridges for plenty of drainage and easy cleaning, which is important for healthy clones. Dual drain wells in the two front (or back) corners allow the optional drain/watering systems growers may choose. A single shelf or an entire rack can be outfitted with these Cloning Rack Trays, drain fittings, and tubing for easy-drain watering. Add a reservoir, pumps and fill fittings and the whole thing can automated.

Trays are sold individually. Rack system not included

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