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Allganic Nitrogen Plus (15-0-2) | 5 lbs |

Allganic Nitrogen Plus (15-0-2) | 5 lbs |

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Allganic Nitrogen Plus (15-0-2) | 5 lbs |

  • Organic Status - OMRI Listed


Allganic Nitrogen Plus is a micro-pelletized sodium nitrate from Chile, containing 15% Nitrate-Nitrogen and 2% Potassium, and is easy to broadcast.

Allganic® Nitrogen Plus is completely water-soluble and its nitrate form of nitrogen is immediately available for plant uptake. It can be applied at different times during the growing season to supply crops with nitrogen precisely when needed. It can cause burn if applied directly to plants. It is appropriate for fertigation but not for spray application. Some certifiers may have seasonal limits.


  • Application Rates

    Apply according to soil test recommendations. 50 lbs contains 7.5 lbs of immediately available N.
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