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Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC

Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC

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Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC Meter

- Measures EC, Moisture & Temperature

All-in-one device measures EC, moisture, and temperature with a single click, and in under ten seconds. Simply and easily spot check moisture and temperature directly from the root zone, or nutrient solution to allow early identification of results over or under range. Spot check, correct, and achieve better yield and grow healthier plants across a wide range of growing media including soil, coco coir, potting mix, and nutrient solution. Quickly and easily check multiple plants in one greenhouse. Automatically sends and stores all your key plant statistics in the Pulse Mobile App which works with Android 5.1+ with Bluetooth 4.0+ and iOS. No requirement to connect to a computer. Two extended prong spear tips with a total of 8in (200 mm) including the 2in (50 mm) active measurement tips for direct root zone measurements. The handset measures 7.5in (190 mm) x 3in (76 mm) and has a Low battery indicator. Applications across agriculture, floriculture, container grown plants and greenhouses
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