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Brown's Fish Hydrolysate

Brown's Fish Hydrolysate

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Brown's Fish Hydrolysate 

Brown’s Organic Fish Fertilizers are produced in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. Our products are made from only the freshest fish which are grown in our cool, crisp mountain streams. Over the past few years we, at C.R. Brown Enterprises, have worked very hard to perfect our organic hydrolysate product for our valued organic and conventional growers.

Quick Facts About Brown’s Fish Hydrolysate:

  • OMRI listed and easy for organic use.
  • Vastly improves soil structure.
  • Grows beneficial bacteria and fungi for better nutrient and moisture retention that the plants need.
  • Reduces the compaction of the soil making it loose and airy.
  • Increases topsoil over time.
  • Acts as a great foliar spray to bring the nutrients directly from the leaves into the plants.
  • Helps keep the nitrogen in the soil to be released when the plants need it.
  • Has been known to outgrow chemical fertilizers with much higher N-P-K values.
  • Works great as a compost enhancer.
  • Has a shelf life of years, as long as it is undiluted.

In the past many have chosen to go towards chemical fertilizers, which have had devastating effects on our soil’s health as well as the nutrition of our food. Brown’s Organic Fish Hydrolysate is very different from these health-stripping, chemical fertilizers. We know that healthy soil structure is the most important factor of long-term gardening and growing, and that is what we strive to give our growers. The continued application of Brown’s Fish Hydrolysate actually brings the nutrients back into the soil and makes the soil come to life. The microorganisms in the soil, being nourished and well fed, provide the necessary nutrients to grow healthy and productive plants.

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