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Non-Organic Cowpeas Iron & Clay | 5lb Bag |

Non-Organic Cowpeas Iron & Clay | 5lb Bag |

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Non-Organic Cowpeas Iron & Clay | 5lb Bag | Not-Organic Certified |



Cowpeas are a 65 - 85 day cover crop. They fix nitrogen. Best used as a soil improver, large vines grow and climb everywhere, seeds are colorful and edible. Iron and clay cowpeas continue to grow and produce forage after the seed has dropped. Can be planted in fields to attract deer and game birds. Deer love cowpeas. Quail and other game birds relish the seed if the plant is allowed to seed. Drought Resistant.

Cowpea culture: Cowpea culture is very similar to beans. Plant when the soil is warm. Many view these as a Southern crop but will also do fine further north. They are delicious fresh-shelled and cooked, or you may dry them before shelling and use them as dry beans.

Vigna unguiculata

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