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Crab Meal (4-4-0) | 5lb Bag |

Crab Meal (4-4-0) | 5lb Bag |

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Crab Meal (4-4-0) | Calcium=18% | 5lb Bag |



By providing existing soil microbes with food and energy, crab shell naturally and safely improves soil health by enhancing the beneficial microbial community in the soil so plants can thrive. The key ingredient is naturally derived crustacean meal. Scientifically proven to stimulate the soil microbiome, particularly microbes associated with the biological control of plant pathogens and parasitic nematodes, crustacean meal improves soil health for greater root and plant vitality. Adding crab shell to an existing production program increases nutrient uptake and root development, for increased resistance to stress and maximum crop yield across various growing locations and soil types.


Application Rate

Application rates begin at 300 lbs. per acre for crab shell, which are applied directly to the soil and incorporated to a depth of 6 inches as a food source for beneficial microbes and crop plants.

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