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Earthen Organics

Earthen Organics Worm Castings | 1 Gallon Refill |

Earthen Organics Worm Castings | 1 Gallon Refill |

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Earthen Organics Worm Castings | By the Gallon | 1 Gallon Refill | WSDA Certified | 


Earthen Organics Worm Castings (aka worm poop) are organically produced to provide you with a high quality, nutrient dense soil amendment. These castings have 3 benefits for your soil. Acting as a fertilizer, an insect pest suppressant, and a pathogen deterrent, worm castings can be an impactful addition to your garden soil.

Just a little goes a long way! WSDA registered organic and a proud Certified SC Product.

We recommend no more than a handful per plant on your fleshy plants like tomatoes, squash, cucumbers etc. and your woodier plants will need to be treated to the drip line of the plant. Trees and shrubs feed from the layer under the plant called a fungal duff layer, and the castings should be applied in that layer for maximum benefit.

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