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Seven Springs

Feather Meal (13-0-0) | 50lb Bag |

Feather Meal (13-0-0) | 50lb Bag |

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Feather Meal (13-0-0) | 50lb Bag |



Feather meal, a by-product of poultry processing, is cooked, sterilized under intense heat using steam pressure cookers, dried, and ground into a meal.

Our feather meal is 13% Nitrogen. It is a great for plants like corn, leaf vegetables and others requiring a consistent supply of nitrogen. Its nitrogen is started to be released within 4-7 days of application, with about 75% of the nitrogen is released in about 40 days. There are several factors that will determine the rate of nutrient release, some of these include: soil pH level, soil moisture level, soil temperature, and the presence of and activity of microbes to convert it into plant-available nitrogen.

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