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FloraFlex Incubator Dome Deluxe

FloraFlex Incubator Dome Deluxe

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FloraFlex Incubator Dome Deluxe

Product Description

Upgrade your propagation setup with the FloraFlex Incubator Dome Deluxe. Designed with an extended, sturdier, and wider structure, this dome provides ample room for your plants to thrive. Perfect for use with the FloraFlex Incubator System, the Incubator Dome Deluxe offers an enhanced environment for young plants, allowing for optimal growth and development. Take your propagation game to the next level with the FloraFlex Incubator Dome Deluxe.

Key Features

  • Extended Design: The Incubator Dome Deluxe offers a longer and wider structure compared to standard domes, providing increased space for your plants to grow and flourish during the early stages of propagation.

  • Sturdier Construction: Built with durability in mind, the Incubator Dome Deluxe features a sturdier design to withstand various conditions and ensure the longevity of your propagation setup.

  • Enhanced Plant Growth: The spacious interior of the dome creates an ideal microclimate for young plants, promoting healthy growth and development. It allows for efficient moisture retention and optimal airflow to support optimal plant health.

Product Details

  • Product: FloraFlex Incubator Dome Deluxe
  • Design: Extended, sturdier, and wider structure
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with the FloraFlex Incubator System
  • Material: Durable construction for long-lasting performance


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