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FloraMax VegaFlora B

FloraMax VegaFlora B

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FloraMax VegaFlora B, (2-0-0)

FloraMax VegaFlora A+B

VegaFlora A+B is a professional 2-part nutrient that meets the demands of commercial cropping in hydroponics, soil or coco coir.

VegaFlora is a single AB formula that runs from seed to harvest in hydro, coco and soil. This is ideal for commercial grows as it only requires two feed-lines and radically simplifies stock management. Additional use of PK additives will complement VegaFlora in flower to eliminate the need for a separate grow and bloom base nutrient.
VegaFlora is capable of handling salty and high pH waters as found in many bore/well-sourced groundwaters. VegaFlora will resolve or improve associated problems such as blocked drippers and a cloudy nutrient solution.
VegaFlora is completely soluble, runs extremely clean and has exceptional long-term stability. When VegaFlora is used as directed in run-to-waste applications, the reservoir will remain stable for several weeks provided evaporation and light ingress are minimized. VegaFlora is also ideal for use with auto-dosing systems.
No cal-mag required. When VegaFlora is used as directed, no cal-mag additive or extra nitrogen is needed.
There are no tedious dosing procedures with VegaFlora there is no waiting! Simply measure, pour then stir.
VegaFlora is highly pH buffered: In soil and coco applications, pH adjustment is rarely required. When used with FloraMax Flowering Enhancer growers will require about FIVE times less pH Down than what they would normally use.
VegaFlora contains premium grade ingredients including fully chelated trace metals such as Iron DTPA and Iron EDDHA. The ingredients are stabilized in solution and carefully balanced to eliminate any risk of toxicity and ensure the best flavoured fruits. Also, VegaFlora is so stable it has a 10-year shelf-life.
Available in larger pack sizes 1L, 5L, 20L, 220L and 1,000L suitable for large scale commercial applications.
Dosage: 1.7 3.0ml/L (6.5 11.5 ml/Gal).

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