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Dirtcraft Living Soils

G-FORCE HIGH POROSITY Dirtcraft 8 Quart Bag

G-FORCE HIGH POROSITY Dirtcraft 8 Quart Bag

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For Houseplants and Tropicals

Dirtcraft Formulated for rapid vegetative growth. Light enough for most seed starting yet potent enough for potting up heavy feeding annuals. This coco/compost based mix is chock full of beneficial microbiology to partner with your plant’s health. Mineral balanced with 3 sources of calcium and a full suite of organic amendments to supply your crop over many weeks of growth. Superior drainage for nursery pots, & cell trays to keep your roots happy. Peat-Free & Sustainably Sourced.


Coconut Coir, Organic Compost, Aged Bark Fines, Perlite, Diatomite, Feather Meal, Fish Bone Meal, Crab meal, Gypsum.

Recommended for:

  • Potting up Annuals, Houseplants, Tropicals, Succulents, Cannabis.

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