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Grease Green (IPM)

Grease Green (IPM)

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Canna Building Blocks

The Green Label is a gem for the industrial production of the plant. It is harnessing the principles of biomimicry at its finest. Spray GREASE™ Green Label in veg and especially in flower. It is amazing to have a safe alternative to spray in flower that will not leave foreign oils or residues of any kind. All GREASE™ products are free from pesticide residuals, heavy metals or residual solvents. We recommend drenching as well, as it is a proven soil conditioner. 

Grease, Green Label bridges the gap and harnesses the building blocks of Canna resins back on the Canna plant itself. All Grease Label products work to increase resin, but when you align the source material with the target crop, the efficiency goes up resulting in the maximum yield of unique and targeted compounds.

A natural plant wash, also known as a plant-based wash or organic wash, is an alternative to traditional chemical pesticides and can be used to remove dust and debris from the plants prior to harvesting. This is a first of its kind, new to the industry technology. Here are some benefits of using a natural Canna plant wash:

  1. Pesticide-Free: Natural plant washes are made from botanical extracts and essential oils derived from plants. They do not contain synthetic chemicals or harmful pesticides, making them a safer and more environmentally friendly option for cultivation of the plant.
  2. Residue Removal: Plants can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris on their leaves and buds during the growing process. A natural plant wash helps remove these residues effectively, leaving the plants clean and free from contaminants. This can improve the appearance, quality, and overall cleanliness of the harvested buds.
  3. Insect Control: Some natural plant washes contain ingredients with natural insecticidal properties. These ingredients can help deter pests and reduce the likelihood of insect infestations on the plants. While they may not eliminate all pests, they can provide an additional layer of protection without the use of synthetic pesticides.
  4. Gentle and Non-Toxic: Natural plant washes are typically gentle on plants and do not cause harm or toxicity when used as directed. They are formulated to be safe for the plant's foliage and can be used throughout the flowering stage without adversely affecting the buds' development or taste.
  5. Environmental Sustainability: By choosing a natural plant wash, you contribute to a more sustainable approach to cultivation of the plant. These products are often biodegradable and have minimal impact on soil, water, and surrounding ecosystems. They offer an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic pesticides that can have negative environmental consequences.
It's important to note that while natural plant washes can be beneficial for removing dust, debris, and pests, they are not a substitute for proper cultivation practices, including good hygiene, proper airflow, and pest prevention measures.


This is a beneficial substance to plants. 

Non Food Production Use

A product of any of the following types, intended only to aid the growth of desirable plants, is not a “plant regulator” under section 2(v) of FIFRA, and therefore is not a pesticide: A soil amendment product containing a substance or substances intended for the purpose of improving soil characteristics favorable for plant growth.

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