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Grease Blue Algae Extract

Grease Blue Algae Extract

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Grease Blue Algae Extract 250ml

Algae Extract - Antioxidant

Targeted naturally occurring antioxidant for plants. Blue Grease contains the highest quality phycocyanin naturally derived from blue-green algae

One of the only naturally occurring blue pigments on Earth, derived from blue-green algae. Blue Grease is a premium extract known as phycocyanin, which works as an antioxidant within the plant, and is a critical accessory pigment for chlorophyll which runs photosynthesis in the plant. 

Light-Harvesting Apparatus: In photosynthetic organisms like blue-green algae, phycocyanin serves as a light-harvesting apparatus. It captures light energy and transfers it to chlorophyll, which is involved in the process of photosynthesis. By absorbing light in the blue and red regions of the spectrum, phycocyanin maximizes the energy available for photosynthesis, promoting the growth and survival of these organisms.

  1. Rich in nutrients: Algae is a natural source of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and trace elements like zinc, iron, and copper. These nutrients are vital for plant growth and play a crucial role in supporting various physiological processes.
  2. Growth-promoting hormones: Algae contains natural growth hormones like auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins, which stimulate cell division, root development, and overall plant growth. These hormones help plants adapt to stress, enhance root systems, and encourage healthy foliage growth.
  3. Enhanced root development: The growth hormones present in algae contribute to robust root development. Strong and healthy root systems improve nutrient and water uptake, making plants more resilient to environmental stressors.
  4. Improved stress tolerance: The organic compounds and minerals in algae help plants build resistance against environmental stress, such as drought, heat, and cold. It aids in improving plant health and vitality, even under challenging conditions.
  5. Increased plant metabolism: Algae extracts encourage enhanced metabolic activities within plants, leading to improved photosynthesis and nutrient assimilation. This can result in healthier and more vigorous plant growth.
  6. Disease and pest resistance: The nutrients and bioactive compounds in algae help bolster a plant's natural defense mechanisms, making them more resistant to diseases and pests.
  7. Better nutrient uptake: Algae contains natural chelating agents that facilitate the uptake of essential nutrients from the soil, making them more available to the plants. This improves overall nutrient utilization efficiency.
  8. Improved soil structure: When used as a soil amendment, algae can enhance soil structure by promoting the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms. It increases soil porosity, aeration, and water retention, creating an optimal environment for plant roots.
  9. Organic and eco-friendly: Algae-based fertilizers are considered environmentally friendly since they are derived from natural sources and do not harm the soil or surrounding ecosystems.
  10. Stimulated flowering and fruiting: The plant growth hormones in algae can help stimulate flowering and fruiting processes, resulting in increased flower and fruit production in many plant species.
  11. Balanced pH levels: The organic matter in algae can help buffer soil pH levels, creating a more balanced and favorable environment for plant growth.
  12. Sustainable agriculture: Utilizing algae-based fertilizers promotes sustainable farming practices by reducing the dependency on synthetic fertilizers and their potential environmental impact.

With photosynthesis being the main driver of ALL plant processes, it is very important to keep photosynthesis support.  This consistency of energy supporting your plant leads to the maximization of all the vital systems including overall yield, resin production, terpenes, plant defense, and nutritional benefits. Most importantly it does this quickly, and with a short term plant with a narrow window of growth this is critical. 

Our studies show accelerated growth and enhanced energy uptake by the plant when using Blue Grease. Some plants may even take on a darker green pigmentation in veg and more easily produce purples and blues in flower. 

Reactive oxygen and other compounds may cause continuous stress within the plant. All of the main abiotic and biotic stress factors such as heat, cold, damage, and UV ends up being oxidative stress due to the plants ability to cope with these factors. The natural antioxidants in Blue Grease offset this, and help the plant deal with all forms of damage. 

Blue Grease relieves genetic stress on the DNA level, allowing the plant to focus energy on faster growth and cell replication. Less glitches in the code that runs your plants. A smoother zipping and unzipping of these genes allows the full expression of the plant to be realized. Blue Grease makes a more efficient and happier plant that will yield dividends for you when it comes time to harvest and extract. 

Rest assured all of our products are guaranteed tested to be free of any pesticides, heavy metals, or residual solvents. Guaranteed to test clean in any laboratory analysis. We abide by the standard of quality in yields quality out, and there is simply no other way that it can be. 

This is a beneficial substance to plants. 

Non food production use

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