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Sunflower Hull Ash (0-4-34) | 5lb Bag |

Sunflower Hull Ash (0-4-34) | 5lb Bag |

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Sunflower Hull Ash (0-4-34) | 5lb Bag | OMRI Listed |


K*Ash enriches the soil, tempers acidity, and improves soil structure and microbial flora while providing potassium and other essential nutrients. Its high pH (~10) is beneficial for flowers and perennials when mixed with compost and other organic materials. Not recommended in alkaline soils (pH 7 and above) or for plants that prefer acidic soils.

K*Ash (sunflower hull ash (0-4-34)) is potassium from a renewable source (not mined) with 4% phosphorus. Coarse Grind: screened to 20 mesh.


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