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The Goliath Grow Tent 5'x5'

The Goliath Grow Tent 5'x5'

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The Goliath Grow Tent 5'x5'x6'11"-7'11"

Professionally designed Goliath Grow Tents are ideal for experts and beginners alike. Expert configuration puts ducting ports in their ideal locations. Large Easy-View windows offer progress view access without compromising your growing environment. Doorways offer 360 degree access. Large configuration provides obstruction free maneuvering. Maintaining an ideal growing space is a breeze with its thick material and large double cinching duct ports.

Diamond Reflective Walls redistribute up to 30% more lumens, making the most out of your grow.

Constructed with 1680D thread density fabric that is up to 9x denser than other grow tents on the market.

Each tent comes with a height extension kit that allows you to increase growing height by 12”.

Goliath Grow Tents feature steel poles and steel interlocking pins, providing a frame that is up to 2-5x stronger than competing tent frames.

* Thickest 1680D density material
* Height adjusting top
* Diamond reflective interior
* Steel interlocking frame
* Industrial strength zippers
* Double cinching ducting ports
* Easy-view windows
* Rear access door
* Heavy-duty spill tray
* Special IR blocking top

1. Heavy duty light-proof zipper.
2. One front door in H style.
3. Two back windows with zipper.
4. Two square obeservation windows on the front door.
5. Four square air inlets at bottom.
6. Six 11" round ventilation sockets.
7. Three 3" round cable sockets.
8. 12" extension kit included, height can be extended to 7'11"
9. Metal corners. Poles(D/T) 22mm/0.7mm.
10. Mylar: 1680D

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